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Helping your dog live their best life though adventure and play!

What Zoomies Is All About

Here at Zoomies I believe in small groups and individualized attention. I use science based, positively reinforced training techniques for all of my interactions with my furry friends. I believe in paying for the good stuff, always!  I limit the number of dogs per outing, for the benefit of the dogs, my clients and the community. Smaller groups mean safer groups and more attention where you want it, on your dog!


Sharing the joys of our outings is half the fun! All clients are emailed a detailed activity journal at the end of our trip. The log includes GPS tracking, start and end times, pictures, activity log with bathroom habits, and a written personalized report.


What is a Zoomie? Technically refered to as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAP), a "zoomie" refers to those unmistakable explosions of energy that dogs have on occasion. Zoomies are usually harmless and frequently caused by a buildup of energy that your dog holds onto that is then released in a short burst of energy. When your dog runs laps around your living room after being crated all day, or even after a bath, that's a zoomie! 


Let you dog burn off their excess energy by utilizing our services, and come home to a happy chilled out pup!

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