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 Zoomies Dog Care is a bonded and insured pet care service based in Malden MA and servicing all surrounding areas. Owned and operated by myself, Sabina Repetto, a professional pet care provider with over six years of full time experience. I am pet CPR and first aid certified.​ I am also a Fear Free Certified dog sitter, and a supporting member of the IAABC, the international association of behavior consultants. 


I'm trying to improve the world in a way that makes sense and feels attainable to me, by providing top notch, transparent dog care that allows dogs to embrace their doggy side and owners to worry less when their pal is away. As sole owner and operator of Zoomies Dog Care LLC, you will always have peace of mind knowing that someone familiar and trustworthy is caring for your pet.


Forming relationships and trust is the foundation of all the training I do with my dog friends. I utilize science based and positively reinforced dog training in all my interactions with animals. During my services, I am always encouraging and rewarding your dog's good behaviors, which increases the chance of those behaviors being repeated later on. I manage unwanted behaviors ethically and adjust the environment as needed for the dog to have success. I believe every dog is special, and enjoy creating meaningful, trusting, relationships with my doggy clients. I love what I do and am always learning more about dogs, consulting with profession dog care colleagues, and seeking more dog care/training education to further improve my skills. 


​​Each service comes with updates and pictures sent right to your app and email, so you know exactly what adventures your pup has when you’re away. GPS and time tracking means you never have to second guess if a service was provided.



I spent over two years working as a kennel technician at a dog daycare, boarding, training, grooming and vet facility. I supervised large dog playgroups every day, cleaned and maintained the facility, bathed dogs, communicated with clients about their pets, helped out with training sessions when needed, cared for cats and other species of animals, and formed irreplaceable bonds with the animals I cared for.


I learned to be vigilant and timely in animal care, and the importance of communicating openly with owners in regards to their pet. I acquired knowledge of general health issues dogs can face, and what to be on the look out for  when providing daily care. I became proficient in dog body language by learning from experienced dog trainers and care professionals as well as through daily observation. I took my opportunities for growth seriously, knowing that the more knowledge I possess the better care I can provide.

After that job I spent three years working for a dog walking and sitting company. I did, on average, two playgroups a day at public dog parks (and sometimes in my private yard) as well as individual neighborhood walks, dog sitting in my home and sometimes in the clients home. I often formed relationships with shy, anxious dogs and enjoyed participating in growing their confidence.


The most rewarding part of this job was seeing first hand, time and time again, the power of patience and positive reinforcement. Each dog was unbelievably special, lovable, and an all around good dog that I felt immense privilege to care for. During my time with the company I gained important experience and learned many crucial skills that make me confident I am able to provide the highest level of care in my own dog care business. 

Currently I run and manage Zoomies Dog Care LLC,  care for my pup Kermit and spend time with my Family. I also work part time at The Pet Republic where I teach and assist with a variety of classes. My favorite class to teach is Polite in Public, a beginners class for potential therapy/service dogs. My favorite skills to teach are recall and tuck/underfoot. Recall is fun and important for all dogs saftey, and tuck/underfoot is the cutest practical skill!

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