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Adventure Walks

Allow your dog to be their doggy self! Adventure walks  are one hour, and take place on wooded trails around eastern Massachusetts. We practice "hiking skills" on all adventure walks. Hiking skills include, recall, waiting up for the human, checking in, sharing the trail, and more! 

Here at Zoomies we limit group size for the safety of the dogs and walker and take 2-5 dogs per walk. All dogs are outfitted with GPS tracking collars (Garmin Astro, Garmin Astro mini) for an extra level of safety.  Pick up and drop off is included in price. A service report will be sent via email after your service.

Zoomies does not and will not use shock/stim, choke or chain collars.

$38.00/adventure walk on a recurring weekly schedule 









Benefits of Decompression Walks in Dogs:


Decompression walks are defined as "a walk where dogs have freedom of movement in nature. Decompression walks can be, when used regularly, especially helpful for anxious dogs by allowing them freedom to be a dog without the overwhelming stress of city life. I try to give the dogs as much decompression time as possible on our walks while still practicing good trail etiquette. 

Positive: Decompression Walks, Tiring vs Taxing Exercise

Happy Natural Dog: Decompression Walks, A Behavioral Game Changer 

Dog Minded: Life Changing Power of Decompression Walks

Sarah Stremmings Cog-Dog Radio, A Decompression Walk Chat

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