Enrichment Walks

Adventure Walks:

Allow your dog to be their doggy self! Adventure walks  are one hour, and take place on wooded trails around eastern Massachusetts. Similar to decompression walks, but with the added companionship of dog friends and some recall training. 


Here at Zoomies we limit group size for the safety of the dogs and walker and only take 2-3 dogs per walk. Pick up and drop off is included in price. A service journal with pictures and your dogs personal report will be sent via email after your service.

$35.00/adventure walk


Solo Decompression Walks:

Decompression walks are defined as "a walk where dogs have freedom of movement in nature". Your dog will be free to sniff and explore the world around them while safely attached to a harness and long line.


Solo Decompression walks can be, when used regularly, especially helpful for anxious dogs by allowing them freedom to be a dog without the overwhelming stress of city life or presence of other dogs.


Walks are 30-60 minutes and take place on wooded trails or large grassy areas. Pick up and drop off as well as pictures and updates are included. 

$45.00/individual decompression walk


For more information about decompression walks and the benefits check out these links:

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Decompression walks in action:

Ayza's Decompression Walk

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