Zoomies Dog Care LLC is commited to providing safe services for your family.



To ensure safer services the following procedures will be followed:

Hand Sanatizer will be used before each pick up/drop off or a fresh pair of gloves will be used.

Face masks will be worn during every pick up/drop off.

Shoes will be taken off upon entry to your home or a disposable shoe covering will be used.

We will use our own leashes for each service.                          

Social distance will be maintained during all services.

Social distance will be maintained if owner is home during pick up/drop off.

We will not work while sick, a trusted backup caretaker may be used, clients will always be informed via email before their service begins. 


Clients who work in high risk occupations, such as a nurse or doctor, will be scheduled last in the day to minimize transmission, when applicable.

CAR Safety

Did you know that its unsafe to drive around with an unsecured dog? In the event of an emergency an unsecured dog becomes a flying projectile, and can injury themselves or others. 


We take safety very seriously at Zoomies Dog Care.We currently use a variety of crash tested car safety products including; variogate, ruffland kennels,  pupsaver to transport our clients.




In the unlikely event of an emergency, Zoomies Dog Care LLC will do everything in our power to ensure prompt, appropriate care is issued.

I am CPR and pet first aid certified.

I always carry a pet emergency kit with me so I am prepared in the event of emergency.


Dog owners will be notified ASAP in the event of emergency.

If the owner is unreachable, the secondary emergency contact will be contacted.

If no one is available and I feel your dog needs immediate emergency care, I will not hesitate to drive your dog to a veterinary office.


For questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at: